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Rider Profile: himorroid (Enthusiast)

Rider Profile: himorroid (Enthusiast)
Real Name:   Billy
Age:   49
Motorcycle(s):   2007 Kawasaki 250R
Riding Since:   2007
Location:   Gatesville, N.C.
Occupation:   Manufacturing
Cool Link:  
I bought my 250R on April 6 2007. I now have over 12k on it. I know now I made a great choice on my first bike. I never thought I would like a sport bike until I rode my ninja. I enjoy every moment I am on it, and it drives me insane when I can't ride. I still plan on getting a larger cruiser for a comfortable 2 up ride with my wife however, it will have to make it's home next to the 250 ninja. I do believe there will always be a 250 ninja at my home as long as I ride. I dont think too many bikes could compare to it.

1. Corbin gunfighter and ladies saddle
2. Vista-Cruise throttle lock
3. ProGrip gel grips
4. Bar Risers
5. BT45's Front & Rear
6. Zero Gravity Shield
7. Extra tail lamps in those empty slots
8. Asian Cycle Flush Signals
9. Not really Mods but feel necessity, from Walmart ( Bell tank bag, and Bell bungee cargo net for rear seat.) And a Nelson Rigg tail bag.

MODS Wanted........
1. Matching saddle bags for my tail bag
2. And what ever else I would think to be cool on the bike.

Gear So Far..........
1. AFX Modular Helment
2. Draggin Jeans
3. TourMaster Calibur Pants
4. FirstGear V-Mesh Textile Jacket
5. Xelement Leather winter jacket
6. Bell Leather Gloves
7. Dry Tech insulated leather gloves (Need a better pair for winter.)
8. Frank Thomas Cool Control Boots
9. Nitro Touring Boots

Gear Wanted.........
1. A new main helmet to replace the primary one I broke.
2. Higher Quality Summer & Winter Gloves
3. Knee & Shin Guards For Summer Rides Under My Draggin Jeans.
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Last Updated May 3, 2008