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Rider Profile: Jeb (Admin)

Rider Profile: Jeb (Admin)
Real Name:   Jeff B.
Age:   43
Motorcycle(s):   1998 Ninja 250
1998 BMW R1100R
1968 Honda CL90
Riding Since:   1998
Location:   Louisville, KY
Occupation:   Commercial Design & Photography
Cool Link:
I got my first Ninja 250 in 1999, and it's still my favorite ride (the red one). Over 40,000 miles on it now, and it runs great. My R1100R tends to get more use these days, as it's more capable overall, but the little EX is still the best bike for the city. Think big, ride small!

Kawasaki EX250 (Red): Outfitted for sport riding. Chopped rear fender, custom paint, decals and lights. Muzzy, K&N's and Dynojet kit. Woodcraft lowered risers (allowed front end to be dropped 1"), Duke Sport lexan windscreen. AFAM 15/41 gearing, 520VM 104-link drivechain (shortened wheelbase), Bridgestone BT45 100/90 front, Pirelli MT75 120/80 rear. Custom Works Performance shock w/ reservoir (13.125", raised rear end 2"), Progressive fork springs.

Kawasaki EX250 (Black): Outfitted for courier service. Top box and custom panniers added. Front turn signals extended and converted to DRL's, rear turn signals integrated (to make room for panniers) and switched to amber lenses for better visibility; top box-mounted amber utility strobe. Kriss headlight modulator. Double-size battery w/ voltmeter. K&N intake w/ rejetted carbs. Oury touring grips, Duke Touring lexan windscreen. AFAM 15/41 gearing, 520V 106-link drivechain (lengthened wheelbase), Kenda K671 tires ($100/pair!). Taperered roller (lifetime) steering head bearings, SV650 rear shock, progressive front springs, front forks raised; 11" of ground clearance w/ lower cowl removed.

BMW R1100R: Heavy roadster. Mostly stock, and totally fine that way. Previous owner added luggage and windscreen, Reynolds tail rack w/back rest, and J&M intercom. 125k miles on it now and runs great. I've done only a bit of maintenance: throttle-body sync and valve adjustment at 89k miles, and the occasional oil change (5w40 Shell Rotella HD Full-synth, as always); replaced the final drive at 116k with one from an S-model (for taller gearing; the old bearings looked just fine). Added GS handguards and heated grips for cold-weather riding. Cut/rewelded the exhaust rear of the catalytic converter (exhaust now exits right under the engine) to shave weight, make the bike a little more audible, and to allow a full-size left sidebag.

"For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel's sake."
-- Robert Louis Stevenson
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Last Updated October 8, 2012