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Rider Profile: zed_zr (Rookie)

Rider Profile: zed_zr (Rookie)
Real Name:  
Motorcycle(s):   2004 zzr250
Riding Since:   1978 (first dirtbike... )
Location:   BC, Canada
Cool Link:  
Still loving this bike, have had it long enough that I am now getting a bit more merciless. 10000rpm is the new 7500rpm!

Mods: home-built steel rack, 15 tooth front sprocket, ugly, recycled GMC mud flap from my truck bolted under the license plate holder to keep me and the bike cleaner and drier (works extremely well), JCWhitney 40 litre trunk, carb heaters (to prevent icing in cool, damp weather)

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Last Updated October 26, 2008