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Rider Profile: viron (Rookie)

Rider Profile: viron (Rookie)
Real Name:   Viron Payne
Age:   53
Motorcycle(s):   ex250 F 2004
Riding Since:   Depends took 25yr hiatus
Location:   Cocoa, FL
Occupation:   Education & Sales
Cool Link:  
Started riding a friend's Honda 70 Mini-trail about 1972. Later with my middle brother we purchased a Kawasaki 90G3 about 1974. I did some riding with friends that had tricked out dirt bikes that were competitive, primarily as a passenger. Around 1979 I owned a Honda CB450. The summer of the same year I started riding my oldest brother's Kawasaki h500 triple bikes. After one trip 1/4 around the Atlanta perimeter at 110mph in the rain, in rush hour traffic, without a faceshield I decided that if I had no more sense than that when I got on a bike I had best stay off. I stayed off for 25 years. In January I picked up a 2004 ex250 as part of a condo purchase and I am loving it.
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Last Updated August 4, 2007