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Rider Profile: tadster00 (Rookie)

Rider Profile: tadster00 (Rookie)
Real Name:   Tad
Age:   26
Motorcycle(s):   2007 EX250 (Sold)
2004 80cc Honda Elite Scooter(Sold)
2014 Ninja 650 ABS
2004 Ninja 250 (Project/Flip Sold)
Riding Since:   2005
Location:   San Angelo, Texas
Occupation:   Teacher/Coach
Cool Link:
Started riding my dad's Honda Elite 80cc Scooter in 2005 at age 14. So easy to ride, and that may have been the perfect learner "bike" before actually getting a motorcycle. I bought my 250 in November of 2011 and have never regretted it. I never felt the "need" to ever upgrade from the 250, eventually I just felt like riding something different after about 5 years. The 250 can do it all, and do it all very well. I've done quite a few mods to it in a short amount of time, and have enjoyed being the only person working on my bike.

I'm very glad I bought the '88-'07 model EX250 as opposed to the newer gen mainly due to the fact that this site is so incredibly thorough and helpful for this model. I could not have done any of my mods or maintenance without the help of this site and those involved with running it, and I'm incredibly thankful that it exists.

UPDATE: Sold the 07 shortly after buying me 650. Having a brand new bike is nice, but boring in the sense that there's nothing to work on (that's a good thing right?). So I ended up just buying a project 250 that's actually in great shape. Just needs the rocker arms replaced to be able to run again. The PO even cleaned out the carbs and gas tank. Rocker arms and an oil change, and this thing should be back on the road.

So Thankful for this site. Coming in after buying my 07 and having zero mechanical experience, and working on my bike with the help of this site and the community here, I feel confident enough to fix and work on just about any 250 out there. I hope to continue to buy and flip 250's to get them back out on the road! I'm sure I'll end up keeping one eventually :)

$1 tank pad off of ebay
Fender eliminator from ebay came with LED plate light. Fits great. Did fender chop as well
Asiancycle style flushmounts with 1156 amber LED bulbs
Original owner removed decals
Extra brake lights in the side pods
Under the seat helmet lock
Front Pirelli Sport Demon
Rear Pirelli Diablo
Sports Model windscreen from
15/45 Sprocket Setup
In-line fuel filter
Fiamm Low Tone Freeway Blaster
Front Venhill SS brake line (recommended brand!)
12v Accessory Power Outlet-- right up there with the 15t for best mod

Mods to come:
luggage rack / top box
Rear SS brake line
Replace Cluster bulbs with LED's to keep my lights from dimming when I brake

Bought the bike with about 8,000 miles on it

Maintenance I've done:
Valve adjustment at 14,000 miles
Changed spark plugs
Carb sync using the DIY carb sync tool
Chain lubing every 600 miles or so
Oil and oil filter changed every 3,000 miles
Replaced the OEM air filter with a UNI stock replacement
Rocker Arm Replacement (Easy, but tedious)
Replaced the chain and sprockets

Made2Ride mesh, padded jacket
Joe Rocket Atomic 3.0 Gloves
HJC CS-R2 helmet
Work boots
Hoping to get some pants and better riding shoes
Some cheap cold weather gloves off of ebay. (Give me a break! Winter is like a week long in So. TX)

Luggage:Sidewinds Tank Bag ($20! Now listed on ebay for $120)
Some ebay store's Tail Bag with expandable saddlebags. (all-in-one bag)
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Last Updated February 22, 2017