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Rider Profile: sequoiarider (Regular)

Rider Profile: sequoiarider (Regular)
Real Name:   Jerry
Age:   51
Motorcycle(s):   2007 Kawasaki EX250
Riding Since:   1984 ('79 Counting Mopeds)
Location:   Woodlake CA
Cool Link:
Previous Bikes:

70's Honda CB360 84-85 $ 40
w/ no electric or kick start and a pair of vise-grips for a shifter--run, bump, run, bump, run, bump... shift ever so GENTLY...

82 Suzuki GS550 93-95 $67
Went in halves w/ brother for a total of $125 ran great.

74 Honda CB550 Four 02-04 $500
Soaked my left toe with leaky shifter seal, but other than that, solid bike.

84 Honda CB650 Nthawk 04-08 $2100
I put 55,000 miles on this beaut. Shaft drive-hydraulic valves, practically zero maintenance-- great bike!

83 Honda XL185 05-08 $300
A fun toy, but no title, sold for $400-- Sucker!

84 Honda XL500 05-07 Free!
'Bout broke my foot kicking this wheelie-beast to life. Once running, it became a unicycle at every twist of the throttle. Crazy, laugh out loud fun, if scary.

07 Kawasaki EX250 08-?? $2400
Finally bought a real bike!!
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Last Updated November 27, 2008