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Rider Profile: sensehumor (Lurker)

Rider Profile: sensehumor (Lurker)
Real Name:   david booher
Age:   31
Motorcycle(s):   '07 250ex
Riding Since:   2007
Location:   Mesa, AZ
Occupation:   uncertified Mechanic
Cool Link:  
It's stock, other than sticker remove, homemade windscreen, and brighter stop bulb.

To do list:
Front suspension... thicker oil? because I don't like the nosedive.
Seat... because I slide forward too easily
Stainless steel brake lines... I'd like to get rid of the mushy feeling front brake.
Cargo bags or boxes... because it would allow me to ride more often.
Highway gearing,
Better horn

Maybe, but not priority:
K&N, carb jetting, syncing
Tires... was wanting to upgrade the tires, but I think I will wait until the OE's wear.

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Last Updated April 3, 2008