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Rider Profile: rurugger (Enthusiast)

Rider Profile: rurugger (Enthusiast)
Real Name:  
Motorcycle(s):   2005 Ninja 250
Riding Since:   2007
Location:   San Jose, CA
Cool Link:  
HJC CL-15 ~$105 - Crashed
HJC Breath Guard ~$10
HJC IS-16 helmet - dual visors = awesome!
Assorted Ear Plugs from The Ear Plug Store ~$30
Tourmaster Cortech GX-Sport ~$135
Tourmaster Venture Air Overpants ~$140
Spartan Leathers Charge leather suit ~$600 - Crash tested twice (70mph and 15mph), still good; excellent purchase!
Spartan Leathers 8-plate CE back protector
Alpine Stars Textile gloves ~$30 - piece of crap, fell apart with no crashing and only light use
Joe Rocket Honda Superbike gloves - $57 - fantastic!
Teknic Lightning Waterproof Gloves ~$30 - warm and waterproof, but seams started to fall apart, plus bulky and not comfortable with controls
Joe Rocket Orbit Boots ~$90
Sidi Vertigo White boots $175
Cheapo PVC Rain Suit ~$25 (fell apart very quickly)
2nd cheapo Tourmaster PVC Rain Suit ~$35; fell apart just as quickly
Frogg Toggs Rain Suit. Haven't used yet, weather too good in California.

My (very minor and easy) mods so far:

FIAMM freeway blaster horn ~$15
LED Clusters (1157) in empty rear pods ~$10
JC Whitney Headlight Modulator ~$25
12v cigarette lighter adapter ~$15
Duke's Touring Windshield
Replaced all fairing bolts with allen head
Vista Universal Cruise Control ~$35
Galfer SS front brake line - ~$100
Galfer front brake pads - ~$30
J shock - $30
Forks with GVEs and Sonic Springs - $200
Front MT-75 (replaced - ~12k miles)
Rear MT-75 (replaced - ~4k miles)
Rear Dunlop D401F - HarleyDavidson fron tire in 130/90 (replaced - ~6k miles)
Front Pirelli Sport Demon
Rear Dunlop GT-501

Valve adjustments, carb syncs, spark plugs, new chain, suspension service, new brake pads, brake fluid change, oil changes, etc all done according to maintenance schedule or more frequently, as needed.
Front fairing patched up with fiberglass and epoxy after 2 crashes in a month.
Tank replaced with lighter shade of blue one.
Right mirror regular, left in "broken wing" mode.

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Last Updated October 17, 2016