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Rider Profile: poolguymsj (Rookie)

Rider Profile: poolguymsj (Rookie)
Real Name:   Joe Meyer
Age:   32
Motorcycle(s):   1996 Kawasaki Ninja 250r
Riding Since:   July 06
Location:   Cincinnati OH
Occupation:   Sofware Developer
Cool Link:  
I have a 1996 EX250R. I got it without my parents 'okay'. They told me I couldnt own a Bike while I lived under their roof. The choice was simple enough to me.
I love my parents, I dont live with them.

Completed Mods
Eliminated fender
Flushmount front and rear signals
Breaklights wired into rear sockets
Fiamm Freeway Blaster (High Tone)
Euro-Dezigns Headlight (blueish)
Replaced Front Break Lever
Blue Tireflys (only used locally and socially)
Bridgestone BT45's

Upcoming MOD's
Homemade Grills
Blue EL Wire around seat and tank
EX500 Rear Shock
Nate's Helmet Lock

Fieldsheer Titanium Air Jacket (blue)
Icon Gloves (blue)
Basic DOT Full Helmet (black)
Motorcycle Pants w/ CE Armor (black)
Black Leather Boots (gottem at GoodWill)
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Last Updated January 30, 2007