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Rider Profile: paz (Lurker)

Rider Profile: paz (Lurker)
Real Name:   Thomas
Age:   32
Motorcycle(s):   2006 Ninja 250
1972 Ossa 250
Riding Since:   1999
Location:   Tucker, Ga
Occupation:   Student
Cool Link:
I'm a Building Construction Major at Georgia Tech finishing up my undergrad. It's actually pretty exciting because since I've been a student there, I've watched the motorcycling population rise from a select few to a great many. Most of us are fairweather riders, but there are some who are parked outside all winter long, rain or shine.

My buddies all have bigger bikes than me, and some still ask the same question all of us have heard: why do you ride that little bike? At first, it was because I was a beginner to street riding, and its all I could afford. But now, I love it. I've ridden their bikes and they are fast, but not as much fun. I made the right choice.

I look forward to meeting more of you guys. Ride safe.

2006 EX250 Mods:
Pirelli Sport Demon Rear tire
Added brake and tail lamps in empty pods
Alaska Leather Sheepskin Buttpad
Freeway Blaster Horn Mod

All my info on my bike is maintained on under the username PAZ
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Last Updated April 13, 2008