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Rider Profile: nebraska_650 (Rookie)

Rider Profile: nebraska_650 (Rookie)
Real Name:   Bill
Age:   47
Motorcycle(s):   Blue 2007 Ninja 250
Riding Since:   Sept 06
Location:   Omaha, NE
Occupation:   Computer Consultant
Cool Link:  
MSF-BRC graduate :) (took the course before I got any bike)

-HJC CL-15 Helmet (clear and mirrored visors; mirrored is great during the day, but PITA when have to swtich to clear at dusk)
-Cortech Gloves
-Leather Jacket
-Cortech AX Air Mesh jacket - it's AWESOME...I'm cooler and feel a bit safer with the back protection, shoulder amour, and elbow armour.
-generic leather boots

- replaced stock levers (brake and clutch) with red levers..
- Garmin zumo 550 GPS

Future mods, hopefully:
- flush mount front turn signals
- tailBlazer (flashing brake light)
- 2x 1157 brake lights in unused pods

N 41* 11.999'
W 96* 9.979'
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Last Updated March 4, 2008