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Rider Profile: iBraud (Rookie)

Rider Profile: iBraud (Rookie)
Real Name:   Isaac
Motorcycle(s):   1990 CBR600F black/red
2001 EX500 blue/silver
Riding Since:   Summer, '04
Location:   Austin, TX
Occupation:   Tech Support Ninja
Cool Link:  
9/2/05 - bike goes in for valves, then i can start commuting via bike again to save gas

4/17/06 Thank goodness TX weather skips from winter to summer. It's 97 degrees outside and no rain in the extended forecast.

12/28/07 I bought my girlfriend's brother's Ninja 500. It's a 2001(?), 16k miles, 2-1 exhaust. When i went to pick it up I had to roll-start it cause the battery was dead and then it died when the spring came off the kickstand, causing it to swing down.

So far I can tell you that this 500 is way quicker than the 250, feels more stable, has a nicer thumpy feel to the motor. This particular one is very loud.

3/8/08 I traded my EX250 for a 1990 Honda CBR600F.
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Last Updated March 8, 2008