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Rider Profile: gelf (Rookie)

Rider Profile: gelf (Rookie)
Real Name:   Nolan S.
Age:   35
Motorcycle(s):   '83 CM250 'Custom' Honda
'73 CM185T 'TwinStar' Honda
'03 EX250 'Ninja' Kawasaki
Riding Since:   1995
Location:   ND
Occupation:   Carpenter/ Student / Break Dancing on cardboard in front of Walgreens
Cool Link:
Kawasaki certainly knows the meaning of "fun". However.... the Ex250 is only Kawasaki's SECOND best kept secret... #1 has to be the stand-up JetSki. Granted, I haven't got to try the 3rd generation "JS" that they recently put back into production, but the second generation 650's, and even the smaller cc first generation stand-ups are absolutely wicked.

I strongly suggest it to anyone. For me a stand-up JetSki is directly compareable to the lil Ninja ;) Not overly fast, but small and light enough to actually feel like it's a part of you, rather than some machine you're holding on to :P

Anyway, enough ranting... I just miss summer I suppose.

300cc JetSki mods:
timing advanced 1/8"
bored .020 over
head shaved .010
Boysen 2 stage reeds
oil pump removed
550cc carb
high flow flame arrestor
Kerker pipe
aftermarket ride plate
high flow intake grate
stainless steel impeller
handpole spring

Ninja mods:
04 EX500 rear shock.
Rear fender removal, signals relocated to rear pods.
KIA flushmounts up front.
Rear tire switched to 130/90 Kenda Cruiser.
Front tire switched to 100/90 Kenda Cruiser.

Oil switched to AMS syn at 2500mi.
Oil switched to Shell Rotella 5w-40 at 7500mi.
Started using 10% Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer at 10500mi.

We also race a dirt track "Legend" class car (think fiberglass '30s roadster replica) that runs a 1250cc Yamaha FJR engine. New to the family is a Mini Sprint that burns alcohol through a 750 gixxer powerhouse.
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Last Updated August 10, 2008