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Rider Profile: gdelosreyes (Enthusiast)

Rider Profile: gdelosreyes (Enthusiast)
Real Name:   Gabriel
Age:   31
Motorcycle(s):   Kawasaki Ninja EX250
Riding Since:   2008
Location:   Florence, Kentucky
Occupation:   Financial Advisor
Cool Link:  
Mods include:

-July08-Fender Elimination.
-July08-Removed decals from all over.

-August08-Moved back turn signals to empty pods in back.
-August08-Mounted flush front signals from Asiancycle. (Smoked Amber)
-August08-Amber Rear Turn Lenses from ClearAlternatives.
-August08-Removed 'feelers' from under the foot pegs.
-August08-LED bulbs in all three pods in back. (Brakes & Signals)

-September08-Black Metal "Ninja" engaved Brake Oil Cap.
-September08-Spiked Black Bar Ends.
-September08-Spiked Bolts to replace OEM Windscreen Bolts.

-November08-ProGrip Yellow Grips.
-November08-Painted Tie-Hooks Black.
-November08-LED Light Accents on the engine that can be switched on from under the seat. (Makes me more visible at night)

-December08-Yellow Rim Tape around both wheels.

-January09-3546 MILES SO FAR.
-January09-FIamm Freeway Blaster Low Tone Horn.
-January09-LED Light Accents on the back tire that can be switched on from under the seat. (Makes me more visible at night)
-January09-SilverStar Extra Bright Headlight.
-January09-Put Terminal Connectors on my Battery to help with organization and to keep wires to a minimum.
-January09-Sport Demons....Havent driven on them yet, Damn Snow. Can't Wait.

-February09-3850 MILES SO FAR.
-February09-In-line Fuel Filter Installed.
-February09-Replaced bent clutch lever.

-March09-3900 MILES SO FAR.
-March09-Replaced Stock seat with new CustomSeatCreations Cover and Re-Foamed it.
-March09-Installed Marker LED Side Lights. Very Visible @ Night.

-April09-4280 MILES SO FAR.
-April09-Added ElectroPods Flashing Brake Lights to the back Brake Pod for Safety.

Future Mods:

-New Shock.
-Mesh grills to the open slots in the fairings.

Maintenance History:
03-24-09-4200-Lubed Chain
04-01-09-Flushed Coolant System.
04-08-09-Shimmed the Clutch Lever to keep from vibrating.
04-13-09-4598-Lubed Chain
05-25-09-5500-Lubed Chain
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Last Updated April 11, 2011