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Rider Profile: cultureslayer (Regular)

Rider Profile: cultureslayer (Regular)
Real Name:   Lauren
Age:   34
Motorcycle(s):   2003 EX250 (gone too soon)
2003 ZX-6R (hopefully sold)
2000 EX250 (no longer the parts bike)
Riding Since:   12/10/2005
Location:   Raleigh, NC
Occupation:   grad student
Cool Link:  
The username comes from working in the lab. I'm not very good at cell culture, but thankfully biomedical engineering has enough other interesting stuff to keep me sane.

Updated 7-14-08

The 2003 250 was totaled by my neighbor, ran over it in the parking lot while wasted. The 2000 parts bike is now back to being a full bike and on active duty until further notice. I'll be picking up another 250 in several months, don't want to jump into anything too soon after my first bike's tragic ending.

The 636 was too good of a deal to pass up, but I'm hopefully selling it soon. It's a nice bike and all, but almost always I'll ride the little ninja when I have the choice. Keeping it at a few K past idle isn't as fun as revving the crap out of the 250.
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Last Updated July 21, 2008