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Rider Profile: crash (Enthusiast)

Rider Profile: crash (Enthusiast)
Real Name:   Crash
Age:   34
Motorcycle(s):   Tobio: 2004 Ninja 250 street
(unnamed) 2003 CBR600RR track
Riding Since:   October 05
Location:   Fairfax, VA
Occupation:   System Administrator
Cool Link:  
I rarely check this board, please notify me of any area rides and events! feel free to contact me for help with your bike! feel free to contact me to go riding! feel free to contact me for anything! email me at username crash6767 at the server

bike name: Tobio

mileage as of 07/10: 41k

mods done by the previous owner:
SV650 rear shock
front lowered, progressive springs installed
Woodcraft clip-ons
fender eliminator
integrated rear turn signals
Cobra F1R exhaust
passenger pegs replaced
throttle lock (taken off for the track)

mods done by myself:
flush mount turn signals (not very noticeable, so I went back to stock)
stainless steel front brake line
Comagination headlight modulator (so easy to install)
Comagination brake light flasher
ProGrip grips (no difference from stock)
Woodcraft rearsets (for the track)
adjusted idle mixture screws (starts so much better)
Fiamm horn (sounds just like a car horn, awesome)
Stomp Grip pads (came off, need to get some more)

mods done by my shop:
racetech springs
racetech cartridge emulators
raised front fender for 110 tires

currently running with:
Dunlop GT501 tires
RK XO riveted chain
EBC Sintered HH pads front
EBC organic pads rear
Mobile 1 full synthetic motor oil

clutch cable
clutch lever, twice
left handlebar and control piece
brake pads
brake fluid
original engine at 25k miles, low oil damage
pirelli sport demon tires

favorite bike shop: fairfax cycles

Tools I proudly own (and will lend out):
Torque Wrench (0-75? ft lbs)
Carb Sync DIY tool (as seen in the FAQ)

HJC CL-14 full face helmet
Joe Rocket Speedmaster 1-piece suit
Teknic Chicane perforated leather jacket (with full circumference zipper to pants)
Joe Rocket Reactor S textile/leather jacket
Joe Rocket full mesh jacket
Teknic chicane leather pants with pucks
Joe Rocket Canvas pants
Icon TiMax mesh pants
Firstgear textile pants
AGVSport Exocet gloves
Firstgear mesh gloves
Joe Rocket insulated leather gloves
Joe Rocket Speedmaster? boots
Icon Field Armor boots

Tracks ridden: Summit Point Jefferson, Shenandoah, and Main, BeaveRun Main, Nelson Ledges, VIR South, NJMP Thunderbolt
Trackday organizations: NESBA, TPM
Number: 250

when checking out the bike before purchase, dropped her due to kickstand not being down. noob happens.

a year into riding, practicing low speed maneuvering. didn't have enough momentum to follow through the 2mph turn... plop.

someone rear-ended my bike in its parking spot. remember to park so that your rear wheel is at about the same position as the line of rear car bumpers so people see it before they turn in.

1st crash:
3 or so months after getting the bike, doing about 25-30mph (aggressive) through a left turn at an intersection (trying to make the yellow light). nothing on the road, may have been WD-40 on the rear tire and or cold tires (I hadn't gone more than 300 feet). spurred my purchase of riding pants.

bike damage after crash: bent handlebar, cracked left fairing (never fixed), damaged left handlebar control, bent shifter (of course), broken left rearset, damaged left exhaust pipe (never fixed), broken instrument cluster (never fixed).

gear damage: scuffed arm on joe rocket leather jacket, only cosmetic. scuffed carbon fiber pieces on gloves, nothing serious.

body damage: scrape on hip/thigh, skinned knee (Dickies slacks do not protect well), weird impact thing on finger which went away after 6-12 months.

2nd Crash:
oil on the track at Summit Point Main took down 4 bikes. my crash was a lowside on the right side at around 40 mph.

bike damage: shaved down rearset peg about 1", slight handlebar and brake lever shave, scratch to the tank, broken lower fairings, dented muffler, shaved down the rear brake lever about .5" and bent it up about 1.5" which means i don't use it until i replace/rebend the pedal.

gear damage: slightly rashed elbow on leathers, some more wear on the knee puck, gloves took a good amount of damage, sliders on the boot got some use.

body damage: i forgot to wait until i stopped sliding before getting up and had a nice little tumble. somehow i got rugburn? when my elbow rubbed against the inside of my suit. my right shoulder was a bit sore the day after.

3rd Crash: VIR South circuit, was feeling good, tires fully warmed up. went through the fishook (the 180 deg right hander after the S), dragging knee, then felt a little more knee and the elbow and realized i was in a lowside. didn't tumble this time, but didn't remember to check to see if i was stopped either (its hard to remember to do that).

bike damage: right footpeg wasn't replaced after last lowside, so more of the peg was shaved down. likewise with the brake lever and right handlebar, more shaved down. it's pretty close to the throttle sleeve, maybe i should replace it. more scrapes on the fairings, but engine was unscathed again. my handlebars were tweaked to the left.

gear damage: boot sliders worked properly and were shaved down a bit. my toe slider is now loose after one of the screws was lost in the crash. more rash to the right side of my suit, worse than last time. my glove got some use as well, sliders were worn.

body damage: weird small bruise that is shaped like a cut, small rug burn on my elbow between the suit and my skin, doesn't hurt at all.

4th Crash: was on a nice leisurely ride through some back roads and a big patch of dirt was in the middle of my lane which I didn't notice perhaps because it was enormous and it was obscured by shadows. As I went through the turn, my rear tire slipped through the dirt (it was like an inch thick) and I went down.

bike damage: right peg shaved down some more, fairings scratched up a bit more. front brake lever was bent up.

gear damage: a hole formed in the textile portion of my Joe Rocket jacket near the elbow. the leather held up fine.

body damage: some of a dreadlock was dragged against the pavement and it was visibly worn down.

5th crash:
lost the front braking into turn one on a wet shenandoah.
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Last Updated July 9, 2010