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Rider Profile: cityXr (Rookie)

Rider Profile: cityXr (Rookie)
Real Name:   Heath
Age:   40
Motorcycle(s):   2006 Buell XB9SX (totalled)
2006 Kawasaki EX250 (sold)
2008 Buell XB12R
Riding Since:   6/20/2006
Location:   San Diego
Occupation:   IT Professional
Cool Link:  
I've wanted to ride ever since I was a teenager, but my parents were less than accommodating in these regards. I did manage to gain possession of a cousin's old moped and rode it to high school for a couple years, though.

My next riding experience was while I was stationed in Italy. I picked up a little 50cc 2-speed scooter. The gears could be switched by flicking a control on the right handgrip.

After that I was state-bound and didn't have a clue on how to aquire a motorcycle license, and oh yeah, I got married! This made attaining a license even more difficult.

After a few years of careful persuasion I managed to talk the wife into the idea of me getting a license and eventually the bike itself, by agreeing to take the MSF course and getting a responsible bike (translation: not a race-replica).

The Buell CityX was my immediate first choice, but I couldn't see myself learning to ride on a 984cc torque monster. After a bit of research bordering on obsession, I decided that the Ninja 250 would be my first bike.

I quickly got my permit, bought the Ninja, and took the MSF course. Six months and 6500 miles later, I sold the Ninja to get my prime choice, the CityX.

Having owned the CityX for a year now, I've found myself really missing the EX250. I love the Buell, but there was something very uniquely fun about the Ninja, that I haven't found on the Buell or other bikes I've ridden in the recent past.

I'm sure with the advent of the freshly designed 2008 model, there will be a new addition to the garage.

Here's my gear:

- Scorpion EXO-700
- Frank Thomas Strike-2 Jacket and Pants
- Frank Thomas Strike-2 Titanium Boots
- Alpinestars SP3 Gloves

- Frank Thomas Dynamic Aqua Endurance Jacket
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Last Updated April 18, 2010