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Rider Profile: chilin (Lurker)

Rider Profile: chilin (Lurker)
Real Name:   Chilin
Motorcycle(s):   2007 EX250
Riding Since:   Feb 2010
Location:   Los Angeles, CA
Occupation:   Was an Engineering Student
Cool Link:
Been lurking the forum for a couple of years now, I have to say this forum/faq is truly an amazing piece of work.

Purchased in Feb 2010 with ~1000 miles. I was the 3+ owner, but the bike appeared mint. Had flush front and rear signals, wired rear lights pods + brake LEDs, stock tires :(

I made it back from summer trip (2012 graduation present) from Los Angeles to Anchorage and back to Los Angeles.
Pictures here

I plan to do all service.

My improvements in order performed:
Tank pad protector sticker $4 Ebay (looks good after 2 years)
Battery Tender Jr $23 Amazon
Glue hard drive magnets to trigger traffic sensors - Free
Amperite headlight modulator $33 JC Whitney (definitely need for lane splitting)
Brake light flasher $24 Amazon Kapsco (make sure it splits +12V line and not ground)
Highly reflective rim tape $7 Ebay (make sure to get the reflective tape, and not just "tape")
Wired rear DRL 1157 $3 Ebay
:( Turn signal LEDs Ebay $5 + $3 (yet to find suitably bright for turn signals)
EX500 Rear Shock $41 Ebay (? feels less likely to bottom?)
Convex Stick on Mirrors 2in - dealextreme $3
Stainless steel brake lines F/R $105 Galfer (I feel rear may not be necessary)
Tires BT45 Front/GT501 Rear ($73/$127) Rockymountain
Rear shock fender - Bottle cutout Free
15T Sproket JT Amazon $12
Front springs 0.7kg/mm Sonic $91
Gold Valve Emulators $114 PowerSports
Cortech Magnetic Tank Tri Bag (25+10L) $40
Rotella T6 Oil $22, 6500 miles
Switched Accessory Wires
Front rubber gravel fender Freescrews and paint $6
Fork protectors with water bottle Free
Action Packer $18
12 V Socket $8
Fuse Box $11 + Relay $6 Kragen/Chief/NAPA/Oreielly Auto
Heated Grips $5 Ebay + 12V LED Dimmer $6 Ebay + Nylon Foam Wraps
Action Products Sport Utility Dry Box $45 for 2
Make Rack for Panniers/Action from $110

To Do List:
Brighter Headlight - Silver Star?
Windscreen Upgrade $65-75
EBC Brake pads F/R $31+$25
Seat reshape
Shovel skid plate (remove lower fender)
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Last Updated August 22, 2013