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Rider Profile: c3 (Lurker)

Rider Profile: c3 (Lurker)
Real Name:   Cole
Motorcycle(s):   2003 Yellow EX250
Riding Since:   03/06/2009
Location:   Tallahassee, Florida
Occupation:   Student
Cool Link:  
Purchased my yellow 250 fro $1800 and it was very well spent! Despite it's flaws It has taught me a lot, not only about bikes but also about life. My plan is to keep the bike for a year and sell it to buy a SV650.

My plans:

[x]Swap the old tires for Pirelli MT75
[]Swap the old rear shock for an ex500
[]Paint the rusty headers and clean up the exhausts,
[]Fender Grills
[x]Debating on the fender eliminator
[x]Fix tiny crack
[]Paint tank nicks / New Tank
[]Rim Stripes
[]Custom Seat Skin
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Last Updated July 13, 2009