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Rider Profile: bugsy (Rookie)

Rider Profile: bugsy (Rookie)
Real Name:   Bruce Lierman
Motorcycle(s):   2006 250R
Riding Since:   1957
Location:   Southern Vermont
Occupation:   Retired, MSF Ridercoach
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Purchased in July '06 after selling my '99 BMW F650. I've got a minimalist streak, and I decided to indulge it.
I use the bike for most trips where it's just a question of getting me where I need to go, as with MSF Ridercoach assignments. I also do like to ride long distance. Most recent trip; Ohio and back, about 1,200 miles, four days including visit with my daughter.
I'm pretty good with the bike just the way it came. Everything is a compromise, and generally I find the manufacturers make pretty good ones as far as I'm concerned. Still, I've added:
headlight modulator
Brake light flasher and extra bulbs in the empty holes
Convex mirrors
A tank bag, plus a workable luggage set based on kayak "dry bags"
Laminar Lip (see review in general forums) - this thing >really< works.
Change to 14/41 gearing (big improvement)
Stebel Compact Nautilus air horn (definitely worth the 40 bucks)
Still to come: A more convenient chain oiling system and some seat mods.
Being a Rider coach, you'll always see me in full protective gear, including an armor layer under a leather jacket and armored riding pants.
I've owned some 20 or so motorcycles over the years, from AJS's and Bultacos to CZ's and Zundapps. There are only a couple I wouldn't like to have back again.
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Last Updated December 4, 2006