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Rider Profile: bskicrash1 (Rookie)

Rider Profile: bskicrash1 (Rookie)
Real Name:  
Motorcycle(s):   2007 ex250 black
Riding Since:   9/2/06
Location:   Norwich New York
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I found this forum in 2006 when I was thinking about purchasing my first motorcycle. I read this site for a month every day until I was obsessed with the fact that only a ninja 250 would satisfy me.

I purchased my first motorcycle from World On Wheels in Marietta Georgia. I purchased a 2002 ninja 250 with 4,000 miles. I rode the bike everywhere. As the black pipes faded, I painted the pipes with high heat paint to green. Didn't like it, painted back to black. I ended up making the FAQ page for this.
Moved to NY, brought the ninja 250. I then painted it charcoal gray with a glitter clear coat... rode it another few seasons like this, then I went further and chopped the bike and made a rat bike. Sold the bike as rat form and later found out it was in a garage that burned down.

Several years and motorcycles later, I purchased a 2008 ninja 250r with 10,000 miles and fell in love with its looks. I rode it for a season and sold it.

Then I picked up a 2007 black flame ninja 250 with 2,100 miles after the owner had a front tire washout in some gravel.

Needless to say, this forum has been my birthplace of motorcycle knowledge and the ninja 250 always draws my attention. I have much love for the 250 for its versatility and smooth ride.

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Last Updated August 25, 2013