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Rider Profile: bostonmichelle_in_LA (Lurker)

Rider Profile: bostonmichelle_in_LA (Lurker)
Real Name:   Michelle
Age:   46
Motorcycle(s):   2009 Blue Ninja 250
Riding Since:   January 2009
Location:   Los Angeles, CA
Occupation:   Corporate Strategy
Cool Link:  
My Ninja is the best commuting vehicle possible in Los Angeles! I'm not the fastest lane splitter, but I'm the one all the other bikes have to get out of the way for cuz I don't get hung up in tight spots! A bigger bike is out of the question unless I move out of LA. I'm planning my first trip, and I'm REALLY hoping I can make her a touring bike as well. My longest day trip so far is about 300 miles in one day. Biggest tour was about 1400 miles from LA to San Fran & points north of there.

*Got the bags (Fieldsheer Contour saddle bags, Fieldsheer Extender tail bag, Fieldsheer Eiffel II tank bag).

*Got the gear (Tourmaster Intake II mesh suit; AXO Air Cage jacket (LOVE this!) for really hot days; Alpinestars AFK summer gloves; Tourmaster Scarab winter gloves; Honda Nirvana winter coat; Balaclava).

*Bike mods: Roaring Toyz bar risers. Crampbuster. Will replace stock tires with Battlax BT45s very soon. Would love a cup holder!!
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Last Updated January 5, 2010