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Rider Profile: Urban Guerrilla (On a mission...)

Rider Profile: Urban Guerrilla (On a mission...)
Real Name:   Glenn
Motorcycle(s):   2005 Ninja 250 (The Silver Peashooter)
2005 DL650 WeeStrom (the Beast)
1975 Triumph Trident 750 (currently retired for future restoration)
Riding Since:   1979
Location:   NY
Occupation:   I.T. Slave
Cool Link:  
I cut my teeth years ago on bikes with redlines below the little Ninja's "normal" highway revs.
Little by little I'm getting used to it, but it still feels like a hummingbird on crack. Yee-Ha!

Current mods:

Tank bag- Nelson-Rigg 17L expanadable magnetic
Windshield (currently on the 4th variation) - 27" tall, with crude Laminar-type lip on top
Rack- home made, courtesy of TZ
Givi-style JC Whitless locking tail box
4-way flashers, with marine application switch mounted on fairing
O-ring in the throttle to knock down return spring pressure (semi throttle lock cruise)
Clock- waterproof sport watch conversion
Silverstar H4 headlight upgrade
Fiamm Freeway Blaster low tone horn
Widder heated vest, also installing custom wiring and fairing mounted switch
Handlebar mitts (cheaper generic variation on HippoHands)

(In Progress:)
Seat rebuild, including big, fat juicy gel pad
*Resulting seat repositioning will render all of my windshield work to reduce wind roar obsolete
Yet another iteration of the windshield.
Thermometer- planning on riding into the cold weather
Get the chin spoiler back on if I ever finish with the endless cycle of main fairing installs and removals

Future mods:

15/42T sprockets
Fairing lowers- Lexan
Gel grips
Handlebar repositioning- either risers of traditional tube bars

BT45's when time comes to replace the K630's
130/90 rear- in combination with the F+R sprockets, should be pushing the limits of how tall I want to go on gearing
110/90 front- will make the steering less twitchy and better tracking for highway running, should also help address speedometer error
Raise front fender 1/2" to accommodate 110/90 front tire

(Backrest- 2 parts:)
1- Top one- will be mounted on the top box.. fairly simple project
2- Bottom one- will be mounted down low on the rack.
It will be positioned and contoured to fit my dimensions..
should support the top rear hip bones, providing significant back support.

(Now You're just dreaming..)
Totally rework the seat and tail section:
Build custom fiberglass seat pan cast in the shape of my own butt.
Design and fabricate a fiberglass tail and rack section that will allow modular luggage options.
(IE: tail box and/or other rack/box options.
Options for carrying luggage way out back, over the passenger seat, or both.)

There is probably more that I can't think of it at the moment (in other words, to be continued..)

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Last Updated November 22, 2009