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Rider Profile: Troy (Rookie)

Rider Profile: Troy (Rookie)
Real Name:   Troy H.
Motorcycle(s):   2004 Ninja 250
Riding Since:   July 04
Location:   Lawrence, KS
Occupation:   Information Systems Manager
Cool Link:  
I returned to riding after 18 years of abstinence. This is the first bike that I have actually owned. It sure feels good to be back in the saddle and this bike is a blast. I hate to admit that I'm having almost as much fun customizing this bike as I am riding it. It's just great.

I have added several bags including two different Givi hardcases and two different Duke windscreens. These additions make this wonderful little bike perfect for almost any practical touring or commuting purpose. I have been thrilled to say the least. I have been riding it to work, 30 miles each way, each day and enjoying it very much.

Edit 17Jan06: I have now had the chance to take the trusty Ninja 250 ST on several long trips (1000+ miles) and find it to be a perfectly capable touring machine. I can see a bigger bike might offer several advantages in comfort and performance, but with the all around advantages of economy in this lightweight little bike I think it's just fine!

IBA Member# 24052

AFAM 15 tooth counterdrive sprocket.
Additional tailights mod.
Pro Grips 719, gel grips
Tail Elimination Mod
Ventura Rack
ForMotion Super Lumiglow clock and thermometer
Illumiglo Gauges
Duke Sport Windscreen
Duke Arctic Windscreen
Vista Cruise Universal Throttle Lock
Sigma Sport 1200 cycle computer
Barender Helmet Locks
Tail "Un-elimination" mod w/modified turn signal location
Permanently mounted Widder electronic heat control and connections
Lockhart Phillips tank bra
Bike mounted Autocom system
Replace all incandescent bulbs with LEDs (except the headlight)

Givi e450 Topcase
Givi e350 Topcase
Chase Harper Color Accented Stealth Saddlebags
River Road "One Bag" tank bag system

HJC CL-14 Helmet
FirstGear HT Overpants
FirstGear HT Air Overpants
FirstGear Meshtex II Jacket
FirstGear Magnum Jacket
Widder electric heated gloves and vest

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Last Updated August 3, 2013