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Rider Profile: Tom F (Old Timer)

Rider Profile: Tom F (Old Timer)
Real Name:   Tom
Age:   38
Motorcycle(s):   2004 Ninja 250
1986 Kawasaki Concours (Duthie's 2001 IBR bike).
Riding Since:   2003
Location:   Nashville Area
Occupation:   Healthcare I.T./Photography
Cool Link:
I bought my Ninja in October of 2003 on a somewhat spontaneous impulse. I'm a flight RN/paramedic and actually told myself that "I would never get a motorcycle." After some time and thought, I opened my eyes and visited a few dealerships to satisfy my curiosity. At the local Kawa dealership the salesguy actually had some sense and talked up the 250, versus the bigger bikes. I was sold and haven't turned back since.

I took my time and obtained gear and training while learning to ride. I have loved every second of it! Soon after purchasing my bike, I found this forum and became a member last year after lurking and learning for quite a bit of time.

I have had so many great experiences by riding and meeting great people from the N250RC. I've made some good friends and look forward to more rides and comeraderie.

Mods: Corbin "Gunfighter & Lady" seat, 15 tooth front sprocket, Ninja 500R rear shock, Low tone Fiamm horn (direct replacement), Gel Grips, flush mount keith in asia front signals, fender eliminated, matching silver lower fairing (traded my black one for another member's silver), rear turn signals integrated in empty pods with clear alternative ambers on each side, "Duke" shield, pirelli sport demon tires, aerostich "stopper" led extra brake light, sylvania silverstar H4 headlight upgrade, XM radio "Roady 2", and Garmin Zumo 550 GPS.

Gear: Joe Rocket Revolution Jacket, Cortech mesh jacket, Joe Rocket Ballistic 5.0 overpants, Fieldsheer mesh titanium air overpants (summer), Sidi Champion Tepor waterproof riding boots, Joe rocket blaster leather gloves, Scorpion EXO 700 Rivet Helmet (silver), Scorpion EXO 1000 in light silver, Marsee 'Pocket Rocket' 19L tank bag.

"We have a wacky theory for why people like to ride motorcycles, and it goes like this: The act of riding is a form of meditation, because the concentration that's required to safely ride a motorcycle tends to focus the mind in a way that eliminates other mental distractions that might interfere with the mission. This creates a single-mindedness that, in effect, displaces the continuous stream of thoughts that normally flow through our consciousness."

-From and a major reason I love to ride!

Purchased Duthie's 86' Concours on 8/8/08. It has 84,4XX miles on it and has a neat history. Needs some minor things, but otherwise good to go. For everyday commuting and rides under 300 miles, the 250 will get the nod everytime. For highway eating cross-country and 2-up touring, the Connie will be used. More to come!

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