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Rider Profile: TZ (Veteran)

Rider Profile: TZ (Veteran)
Real Name:   Tim Z.
Motorcycle(s):   EX250
Ducati 748 (in my dreams)
Moto Guzzi MGS-01 Corsa (yeah, right, that one too)
Riding Since:   2001
Location:   New York, NY
Occupation:   software
Cool Link:  
Duke's windshield, 15T front sprocket, Extra brake lights in empty pods, Twin (hi/lo) signaltone horns, Icon tankbag, homebrew rack to hold Givi hard luggage, Vista Cruise throttle lock, SS front brake line.

Planned mods:
EX500 fork springs+GVEs, Hagon rear shock.

Riding gear:
Shoei Z-II, Fieldsheer Monza jacket, AGV AeroMesh jacket, Fieldsheer Highlander Pants, Draggin Jeans, Sidi City boots, BMW Airflow summer boots, Olympia kevlar sport gloves.

How I started riding:
My very first "motorcycle" was a friend's ancient Riga moped. For each hour of disassembly, cleaning and tuning we got about 15 minutes of riding time :) Then my uncle taught me to ride his Izh "Jupiter" equipped with a sidecar. That is how I got the motorcycling bug. Sircumstances only allowed me to get my license in 2001, and I've been riding my dad's Vulcan 500 on weekends since then. In April 2004 I finally got my own Ninja 250. A fool's dream had come true :)

Future Plans
The BIG plan for next riding season is to convert my girlfriend to motorcycling. Motorcycling is my biggest hobby right now, and it would be great if she could enjoy it too.
I also want to attempt an SS1000.

Non-motorcycling interests:
* Cycling. I used to ride a lot, before I got the EX250. Now it is mostly short rides in Central Park on weekdays, just to stay in shape. My longest ride ever - the Montauk Century, 160 miles in 10 hours.
* Hiking. Fall is my favourite time of the year. Most frequented area - Catskills: a beautiful park, within easy driving range from the city.
* Sailing. I got the Sailing Bug while vacationing in Maine in 2004, when my better half and I decided to take a sailing lesson. In summer of 2005 I got ASA Basic Keelboat certifucation. Can't afford a boat right now, but I definitely see myself owning one in the near future.
* Books. I'm always reading something. Favourite authors: G.J. Garcia Marquez, F. Dostoyevsky, A. and B. Strugatski, H. B?ll, J. Kerouac, E.M. Remarque, S. Rushdie, A. Camus, A. De Saint Exupery - just to name a few.
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Last Updated October 16, 2007