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Rider Profile: Swoosie (Gravel Girl)

Rider Profile: Swoosie (Gravel Girl)
Real Name:   Sarah
Motorcycle(s):   2002 Ninja EX250 (10/06)
2006 Ninja 650R (01/08) - selling
Is there a Duc in my future?!!!
Riding Since:   Oct 2006
Location:   Coppell, TX (but will always be a Cali girl ;p)
Occupation:   ski bum
Cool Link:
The wind in my face, the bike underneath me and miles n miles of asphalt just waiting to be explored.

I took the MSF in early October 2006 and purchased my first bike at the end of the month. Believe it or not, the 250 and this forum were both recommendations by a Ducati dealer. :)

I always knew I would enjoy riding, but I had no idea how much it would become a part of me. The world disappears when I ride.

HJC CL-15 Helmet (White)
Arai Vector Helmet (White) - luvin' it!!!
HJC CL-15 Helmet (Black/Black/White) - it was on sale...I couldn't help myself!!!

*Cold Weather Gear:
Icon Women's Tuscadero Leather Jacket (White)
Alpinestar Women's Stella Leather Pants (Black)
Icon Leather Gloves (Black)
Alpinestar Gauntlet SP-1 Gloves (White with Black)
Olympia Leather/Fleece Gloves (Black)

*Touring Gear:
Frank Thomas Venus Waterproof Textile Jacket (Black/White)
Frank Thomas Lady Rider Textile Water Proof Overpants

*Warm Weather Gear:
Alpinestar mesh gloves (Black)
Fieldsheer Women's Judy Cool Mesh Jacket (Black/Silver)
Alpinestar Men's Air-Flo Mesh Riding Pants (Black)
Joe Rocket Kawasaki Jet-Z Textile Jacket (Pink/Black)

Dainesella Women's D-Dry Boots

3/2007 KIA Flushmount signals
4/2007 Corbin Gunfighter/Lady custom seat
5/2007 Genmar risers
5/2007 Mikes Shield - sport model
6/2007 Pro Grips
5/2008 Bussman Fuse Block
5/2008 Zumo 550 GPS
6/2008 Throttlemeister

*States visited on the 250 or 650R:
California: Purchased my bike in October 2006
Arizona: July 2007
New Mexico: July 2007
Texas: July 2007 (current residence)
Oklahoma: August 2007
Louisiana: April 2008
Mississippi: April 2008
Alabama: April 2008
Georgia: April 2008
North Carolina: April 2008
Utah: May 2008
Kansas: June 2008
Colorado: June 2008

*Countries (outside of the U.S.) visited on a bike
Greece: April 1990 (Scooter)
Costa Rica: January 2009 (Honda XR250)
New Zealand: January 2011 (BMW F650 GS)
NZ trip blog:

3 continents down, 4 more to go!

*Long rides (>500 miles) and approx mileage:
5/2007 - Los Angeles to San Fran via Hwy 1 (1000 mi round trip)
7/2007 - Los Angeles to Big Sur via Hwy 1 (650 mi round trip)
7/2007 - Los Angeles to Dallas, TX via Hwy 10 (1450 mi one way)
7/2007 - Dallas to Broken Arrow, OK (550 mi round trip-multiple trips since then)
10/2007 - Dallas to Austin, TX (550+ mi round trip-more trips since then)
12/2007 - SS1000 attempt. Made it about 800+ mi. Too cold and windy. Will attempt again during warmer weather.
5/11/08 to 5/18/08 - Sacramento to GRR in Talimena, OK to Irving TX. Brought the 650R to TX. Approx 2600 mi! Woohoo!!!
6/13/08 to 6/15/08 Impromptu ride from Dallas TX to Denver Co. Approx 1800 mi roundtrip.
6/20/08 to 6/28/08 - Irving TX to Tampa FL. Roundtrip approx 2400 miles.
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