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Rider Profile: Sean (Enthusiast)

Rider Profile: Sean (Enthusiast)
Real Name:   Sean
Age:   35
Motorcycle(s):   '07 Kawasaki Ninja EX250-F Black w/ Red Tribal Flames
Riding Since:   1995
Location:   Dutchess County NY
Occupation:   Fuso Technician
Cool Link:  
Purchased 3/12/07

Current Mods/Accessories:

Flush Mount Front Signals from
Black on black with dark smoked amber lenses.

Joe Rocket Manta Magnetic Tank Bag, Red & Black to match the bike.

Front Sprocket - JT 15T

Rear Sprocket - JT 42T

Keiti's Black Tack Pad/Protector - Purely aesthetic since I can't get that far down to lay on it.

Fender Eliminator, Used left over pieces to make my own liscense plate bracket!

Rear signal pods.

Floating Globe Compass suction cupped to the underside of the windscreen ($1.99 Walmart)

Black & Decker Battery Tender


Gloves: JoeRocket Black Atomic 2.0
Helmet: Zox Gun Metal Black Azuma Full Face (DOT & Snell Approved)
Jacket: RiverRoad Black Mesh (Not recomended for cold days)
Boots: Good old shitkickers until I deside on riding boots
Pants: Haven't gotten them yet, but then again I haven't ridden the bike either.


12'x20' "Garage in a box" to store and work on the bike, until I can afford to build a garage!!!!!!!!

Current Project:

Tail Fairing!!!
If you wanna see what I'm trying to accomplish, look at Candymans tail fairing.

[Update - The initial repairs to the tail are done! A large crack near where the side fender meets the tail was held together with JB Weld (a good idea for some repairs it was still holding together after an unknown amount of time.) So after sanded off the JB Weld, I promply set the crack back to where it belonged and used some PVC Cement to fix it. There was also a broken tab where the fender mounts, and a smal crack near it, they were also repaired (not done for astetics, it wont be seen!). So now the first primer coat is on to look for imperfections before the modification starts.]

Tail fairing mod has been posponed until I have time.

Upcoming Mods/Accessories:

Thinking about the stealth saddle bags but I can't make up my mind yet!

Double Bubble - gotta save up some money before I buy one but I definately want it in Dark smoke!

Future mods may include a slightly taller front and back tire (lower rpms and more accurate speedometer) - Thinking 100/90 - 16 and 120/90 - 16 BT45's

Fluid types:

Oil - Accel 10w40 SF ;600miles to current
Chain lube - Mobil 80w90
Cable lube - 3-in-1 Oil

Fuel Economy - Indicated Odometer

04/21/07 - 58 mpg - 87 octane
05/09/07 - 73 mpg - 87 octane
06/17/07 - 68 mpg - 87 octane


Valve adjustment - I drilled out the spot weld for the coil bracket on both sides of the bike and removed. I did not move the radiator (in hind sight it would have made it easier if I removed the tube that goes behind the valve cover which would have required me to drain the radiator) I didn't have a container to store the fluid in.
Total time 5 hrs, mostly because I was taking my time and didn't want to misunderstand the instructions.

Fender Eliminator - Take your time!!! Also if you plan on buying a spare to cut into, The signal mount holes are different on the newer models ('05-'07 I think) from the older ones. The newer fenders have thinner plastic to fit the new signals.
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Last Updated August 2, 2008