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Rider Profile: RiceBurner (Old Timer)

Rider Profile: RiceBurner (Old Timer)
Real Name:   Tyrel Folkes
Age:   33
Motorcycle(s):   1994 EX250 (Really Light and no longer mine)
1991 GSXR 750 (Quick and Heavy)
2004 ZX10-R (Really Quick and Light)
Riding Since:   Mopeds since ~1998, Motorcycles since ~2000
Location:   Kihei, Maui, HI
Occupation:   Automotive Collision Repair, Motorcycle P&A
Cool Link:   This Website! Who needs anything else?
The Ninja 250 was my first real motorcycle, and it is a great bike.
My GSXR was a major project bike: I installed a complete custom MSD ignition system (MSD MC-4 ignition box, Blaster coils, Flying Magnet pickup coil, low resistance 8.8MM spark plug wires.) Everything except the pickup coil is custom mounted to get everything to fit. I made a custom wiring harness to fit, replacing all the stock wiring.
My ZX10 is totally stock, and will be that way for awhile. I don't see anything wrong with it that needs fixing.
For the EX-250 mods I've done, look at AlohaNinjette's profile. She's my g/f, and she has my old bike.
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Last Updated March 16, 2006