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Rider Profile: RD-350Jim (Enthusiast)

Rider Profile: RD-350Jim (Enthusiast)
Real Name:   Jim Burton
Age:   70
Motorcycle(s):   2006 Ninja 250 2007 ZZR-600
Riding Since:   1968
Location:   Doylestown, Pennsylvania, USA
Occupation:   Digital Artist
Cool Link:  
I rode back in the 70s, dirt bikes to start, enduros and motorcross and scrambles, finished up with a Yamaha 350 modified production road racer. The Yamaha was a screamer, had all the possable factory air-cooled road racer parts.

I raced dirt bikes with the AMA, roadraced with WERA, got up to being a Junior with the later. I'd win my class at the radraces, more often than not, never did that good in the dirt though, 3rd and 4ths, mostly, unless it rained, I never could ride in the rain.

I've got a lot more race miles than street miles, though I did have a Yamaha 400 street bike for awhile. Never owned anything bigger than 400cc.

Then I pretty much faded away around 1980, and didn't ride for 25 years.

Got the bug again though, after looking around I bought a new Ninja, great bike and this is a great forum.

The girl is called "Ingenue Vickie", incidently. ;-)
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Last Updated August 3, 2007