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Rider Profile: Old_Lion (Rookie)

Rider Profile: Old_Lion (Rookie)
Real Name:   George Van
Motorcycle(s):   Ninja 250
Riding Since:   1955
Location:   Lisle, NY
Occupation:   Retired
Cool Link:
Having retired as an active dairy farmer, I kept thinking about getting back on the road. However, it remained a thought until I watched the movie "The World's Fastest Indian". After this I contracted an acute case of bike fever. It led to the completion of the MSF course.

After a long search for a used Ninja 250 without scratches and cracks, I purchased my "Red Pony" (1998) from LazyLion, who lives a few miles from me.

The Yamaha TY250 (pictured) was the most wonderful bike I ever owned. A trial bike, it was used to round up cattle on the hillsides, general riding on and off road on the farm and in the woods. Every time I look at the picture I get a wee bit nostalgic. After twenty years it died from benign neglect. Rusted tank and parts no longer available. I am having a blast on my 250 cc Ninja.

In the early years my wife and I rode the highways and the byways of the Netherlands on a 50cc bike. Two people on 50cc's? Yes baby we did! We know that large bikes are not nearly as much fun as smaller bikes. Smaller bikes give a much higher return for the money.

My favorite hang out is the motorcycle shop of Deron Johnson south of Marathon, NY on route 11. I am always welcome because I am also the webmaster.

I purchased a Kevlar Shirt (pictured) from I love this shirt. It is promoted as a cool ride for the summer, but it is a very good garment in cold weather.Those small air pockets in the mesh act as insulators, consequently the shirt keeps me toasty.

I traded my Ninja for a Suzuki DR650SE in June 2007. I am inclined to take the road less traveled and my beloved Ninja was found wanting. I do miss her though.
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Last Updated September 25, 2007