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Rider Profile: Nish (Rookie)

Rider Profile: Nish (Rookie)
Real Name:  
Age:   36
Motorcycle(s):   '05 Ninja 250
Riding Since:   7-05
Location:   Dallas, TX
Occupation:   Game Industry Production Assistant
Cool Link:
HJC CL-14 Helmet
Aerostitch Roadcrafter 2-piece (Yay!)
Army surplus tank boots
Some cheap Joe Rocket gloves. (Next on the list for upgrade)

Decals removed (except for the bit on the tank)
BT-45 rear tire
Black lower fairing
GP Shift (No, I don't think it makes me any cooler)
Scratches from being dropped.

Coming soon:
Black KIA flushmounts with smoked lenses
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Last Updated September 10, 2006