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Rider Profile: MylittleNinjette (Regular)

Rider Profile: MylittleNinjette (Regular)
Real Name:   Mike Conboy
Motorcycle(s):   '86 EX250, unfortunately sold
'96 XJ600 Seca II
'76 Triumph Bonneville, back when
Dreaming of the ZZR250
Riding Since:   1988
Location:   Berkeley and El Sobrante, CA, USA
Occupation:   Stem cell scientist/Biologist
Homepage:   when my wife calls
Cool Link:
-Picked it up with 9K miles. Started smiling during the test ride and didn't stop smiling until I sold it!
-The '86 CVK 32s were re-jetted to match a stock airbox, without the snorkel: 110 mains, Dynojet needle at 2nd clip from the bottom, pilots at 2.5 turns out.
-Avon Supervenoms, despite their faults, stick great in the wet.

- Picked up the Seca to better accommodate two-up jaunts. Then I moved into a 120 mile daily commute, solo. I kind of wished I kept the Ninjette, but the Seca is good too (55 mpg!).
-The Seca badly needed a carburator enrichment; put 3 washers under the needles.
-Mounted BT45 tires which stick very well, even to paint strips, but not as good as the Avons to wet pavement. BTs seem soft and "spongy" while 'Venoms are soft and "tacky"; maybe different technologies.
- Installed cut springs from Aftershocks and 15W oil in the forks. BIG difference. The rear will be next...

Will move back to a Ninjette when the Seca wears out (yeah, right!), or when opportunity knocks. That bike was "just perfect".

2008 notes: My commute dropped back to a 30 mi. _carpool_, but with the occasional early morning lane-split on the bike when The Professor has to get to class on time! Gas: $3./day, even when a gallon was over $4. Look on Cal student's faces when my wife walks into her lecture in full Gear, computer under one arm and helmet under the other: priceless!

November 2016
New Ninjette! I just got a 2005 with very low miles. Big smiles again!
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Last Updated November 6, 2016