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Rider Profile: Mike B (Lurker)

Rider Profile: Mike B (Lurker)
Real Name:   Mike
Age:   34
Motorcycle(s):   2007 Ninja 250R Blue
Riding Since:   November 2007
Location:   Houston, TX
Occupation:   Student
Cool Link:  
I'm new to riding I've only got about 10,000 miles under me but I love every minute of them. I'm tring to get a picture of me on the bike, but my girlfriend will not take one. She breaks all my stuff that starts with a "C", my chair, my computer, my cup, and my camera starts with a C too so she will not use it to take a pic, but I'm trying to get one of me riding soon.

(8,000 miles)
Pirelli MT 75 Tires
(13,000 miles)
JT 15 Front Sprocket
JT 44 Rear Sprocket
RK 520 XSO Chain
more coming soon
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Last Updated December 25, 2008