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Rider Profile: Marylin (Addict)

Rider Profile: Marylin (Addict)
Real Name:   Marylin Sparenberg
Age:   63
Motorcycle(s):   (12/03) 2004 Silver Ninja 250 (sold)
(9/05) 2004 Blue EX250 (sold)
(4/07) 2000 EX250 Project Bike (sold)
1986 Honda VF500 Interceptor (for sale)
Riding Since:   1972
Location:   Virginia Beach VA
Occupation:   Everybody's grandma
Cool Link:
I am a wife of 31 years, a mother of two adult children, a grandmother of two baby girls and a motorcycle rider. The first bike I ever got on was my own - to learn how to drive/ride it. That was on a Yamaha 200. Got married and had a couple kids. When my son was 4, I got a Honda 250. Four months later got a Honda Shadow 500. After 9 years of being a Motorcycle Safety Instructor, I got a Honda 500 Interceptor. I've been away from riding for about 10 years due to medical reasons. I'm diabetic and suffer from nerve damage in my feet. I finally got a new bike in December. What a great bike - the Kawasaki Ninja 250! I'm back and glad to be a member of this community. Had a heel and toe shifter mod done to my bike cause after buying it I found out I cannot upshift. I can no longer get the message from my brain to my foot to lift up. The modification allows me to "toe" down in the front to downshift and to "toe" down in the back to upshift. Works great. I presently have no other limitations and plan on riding my Ninja for as long as I'm able (physically). Finished the Motorcycle Rider Course on May 1st. Enjoy getting to ride again, and meeting nice N250RC members. JOINED: 13 Jan 2005

Story I wrote - online magazine

Updated 6/6/07: Much has happened in the last 2 years. I have finally put 10,000 miles on the silver Ninjette. Took longer than I expected with not one but two broken feet in 2006. Have had to go from riding with a modified heel and toe shifter to an electronic shifter. The damage to my legs continue. Hurting my knees and ankles doesn't help. I will continue to ride for as long as I can. Looking into getting something with 3 wheels for the future.

Was very happy to get the GRR award for 2006. I was not able to make it to the presentation in Deals Gap but my husband, NinjetteShadow/Chuck, who also won (cause we always ride together) was able to attend. People if you haven't tried to meet with other riders from this forum, do it - it's a great experience. Eventhough I can no longer earn points, I still try to meet with as many riders as I can. I will be attending the 3rd annual NoVA Meet-n-Eat soon (usually around the 4th of July). Each year we have more riders attending than before from Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland. Some come to Vienna VA from as far as North Carolina and New York.

Finally got the bike I've been looking for after selling mine years ago. Picked up a 1986 Honda Interceptor 500 in great condition for $450 in the DC area. Will hopefully get that on the road soon. Sold the 2004 Blue Ninja I had to another forum member here but bought a 2000 green Ninjette for my daughter. Another great deal at $500 for a bike that's running but has some (cosmetic) damage. I look forward to teaching her how to ride. Speaking of teaching to ride ... the grand-daughters are riding their own motorized (battery operated) cruiser. Trying to show them the importance of riding gear by starting out with bicycle helmets. Hopefully have a couple of future riders here.

I know I've been very lazy and hopefully it won't take 2 years again for me to update my Profile. It will be interesting to see what the future will bring. Hope to meet more of you and put a face to the friends I have made here. Ride on and ride smart.

Not quite 2 years yet, as far as updates go. Today (1/19/09) I sold the project bike, better known as Sybil. Since breaking my left leg in 5 places last August, I have not been riding and we have sold both Ninja 250s. Not sure what the future holds. I know I won't be riding any 2 wheeled motorcycles again. My legs just can't take it anymore. It has been a great journey. I will miss it. Ride smart.
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Last Updated August 14, 2009