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Rider Profile: MartyH (Lurker)

Rider Profile: MartyH (Lurker)
Real Name:   Marty Hammersmith
Motorcycle(s):   2008 Ninja 650R
2006 yellow Ninja 250
2003 Kawasaki Vulcan 800 Classic
Riding Since:   2002
Location:   Cincinnati, Ohio
Cool Link:  
THE GREEN NINJA 250 HAS BEEN SOLD AS OF APRIL 2008. This is it's history with me.

I purchased a completely stock, green 2001 Ninja 250 with 2400 miles on it in November 2002. As of 4/08 I have 38,100 miles on the original engine. I run Amsoil 10W40 full synthetic motorcycle oil and STP SMO-12, Fram or factory Kawasaki oil filters with changes currently made approx. each 4000 miles.

I have enjoyed a number of the common modifications and changes...

1. I installed the 15 tooth front sprocket and I initially agreed with others that recommend this modification if your bike will see a lot of highway and commuting type riding. It spreads the gears and lowers the rpms considerably and in theory should reduce wear on the engine. As of 7/1/05 however, I have reverted back to the 14 tooth sprocket for better acceleration and compression braking when I am riding hard with larger displacement sport bikes. I rode the 15 tooth sprocket for 20,000 miles. The switch back to 14 teeth was eye opening. I didnt realize how much performance I had given up. I will be staying with the 14 tooth sprocket from here on.

2. Rear tire is the sometimes hard to get Dunlop GT501 130/90-16. I have moved the front fender up 13/16" and removed the original internal steel mounting bracket to clear a matching GT501 110/90-16 for the front. The roll rate with the rounder profile tires is faster than the stock K631 tires.

3. Removed center stand for reduced weight and less clutter.

4. Changed stock grey 2001 wheels for stock 2000 purple wheels.

5. Changed stock dual element brake light bulb to higher contrast #2397 dual element bulb.

6. Installed flush mount front turn signals using Blazer #B472FA truck marker lights purchased from Auto Zone. These are marked as 22 watt bulbs but be forwarned if you install them as delivered they are considerably dimmer than the stock Ninja turn signals. The FAQ shows how to gut these type lights to accept a socket and bulb that will be much brighter than my setup. However, my setup required no cutting, drilling or any modification to the fairing so I can go back to stock and there would be no sign that I had ever installed the flush mount signals. UPDATE 8/9/06 I have gone back to stock signals just because I never got used to the appearance of the flush mounts. In the end, I like the look of the stock signals better.

7. Installed Muzzy Titanium muffler with all stainless pipes along with Dynojet rejet kit. I kept the stock air filter to retain as much torque as possible.

8. Installed Woodcraft risers and handlebars. This moves the rider position forward and down. It does put a little more pressure on the wrists which made the addition of the throttle lock from Throttlemeister worth the investment.

9. Installed Throttlemeister throttle lock. Installation took less than 15 minutes and is a welcome relief for my wrist. I selected the standard length, non-polished version. It works great and I use it very often.

10. Installed Competition Werkes stainless steel fender elimination kit. Nice piece of engineering and fabrication. Others might prefer to cut down the stock plastic fender but I think this is cleaner look and worth the $130.

11. Installed EBC one piece steel brake rotor on the front along with EBC "HH" rated brake pads. Stopping power seems considerably stronger. The pads that came off the bike, which were the originals had 22,646 miles on them and had about 1/3 pad left.

12) Installed Dunlop 110/90-16 GT501 front tire which required the front fender modification to clear the new tire. The steel bracket was removed from the inside of the fender and the fender redrilled and raised as directed in the FAQ on this message board. Speedometer now should read accurately as this tire is taller. The consensus is that the stock tire causes as much as a 10% speed and recorded milage error.

13) Installed the much louder and more attention commanding FIAM #72012 low tone horn recommended in the FAQ.

14) *NEW* May 2006 Installed purple Zero Gravity SR series windscreen in place of the stock smoke tinted screen.

2006 Ninja 250 (Yellow)
Bought a 2006 Yellow Ninja 250 with 800 miles on it in late 2007? Previous owner already did the rear fender elimination by cutting down the plastic, removed the flame decals and installed front flush mount turn signals. I gave it to my wife and she rides but not often. Odometer read 5430 miles as of 2/18/11. 6400 miles as of 4/14/2013. 7340 miles as of 7/9/14.
I run Amsoil 10W40 full synthetic motorcycle oil and change the oil and filter once a year regardless of milage since this bike has been getting very little use.

1) I installed a Throttlemeister throttle lock on the yellow Ninja just as I had on the Green 250. Installation again took less than 15 minutes and is a welcome relief for my wrist. I selected the standard length, non-polished version. It works great and I use it often.

2) Installed the much louder and more attention commanding FIAM #72012 low tone horn recommended in the FAQ.

Fuel economy on the yellow Ninja has been great. My last 4 tanks netted 76,76,77 and 79mpg. I confirmed the speedometer is off 2 mph at 40 and 5mph at 70 so I'm really somewhere just over 70mpg corrected and I am very happy with that.

2008 NINJA 650R
In 2010 I traded off my 2006 KLX 250s (300cc kit, Acerbis tank, etc) for a 2008 Ninja 650R. It had about 4200 miles when I bought it. It had 9100 miles as of April 14, 2013. 9800 miles as of 7/2/14.
I installed the version 3 Sportbars from to lower the handlebar height on the 650r which in turn will move me down and forward a little. I love the new riding position. It is not as aggressive as a full blown super sport bike but not straight up in the air like the stock position was.

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