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Rider Profile: Leo (Enthusiast)

Rider Profile: Leo (Enthusiast)
Real Name:   Leo
Motorcycle(s):   2006 Ninja EX250R
Riding Since:   June 2006
Location:   Jacksonville, Fl.
Cool Link:
I was looking around on this board what seems forever, reading and figuring out if this bike would be a good one for me. I went out looking at the 250R. When I finally decided, I didn't realize that most of the dealers were closed on Mondays, and it just happen to be Memorial Day too. To my suprise, I found one open. I had went in to get a Yellow one but they didn't have any. They only had 1 black one left. After talking them down on price, (I really wanted yellow, but they really wanted to sell me the black one). We settled on a price and a new black 06' was mine. I trucked it home and unloaded it. I've been happy with the bike and color since. I ordered my gear the next day. It came in 5 days later. Talk about a LONG 5 days. I Had not been riding for about 20 Years. Man it feels good to ride!

Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 175

My Gear:
HJC AC-12 Axis Helmet (Yellow/Black/Silver) With Dark Smoke Lens.
Cortech GX-Air Mesh Jacket (Yellow/Black)
Joe Rocket GPX 2.0 Gloves (Yellow/Black)
Tour Master Venture Air Mesh Pants (Black)
Nelson Rigg CL-150 Tail Bag

Oil - Shell Rotella 'T' 15w-40
Filter - Fram CH6012
Chain lube - Dupont Teflon Multi-Use Dry Wax Lubricant

* Extra brake light sockets in empty pods. With TMI Power Tower (20 LED 1157 Red) bulbs installed in all 3 bays.
* Backoff Xp Brakelight modulator. (4 Short Flashes - 1 Long Flash, Repeat.) Hooked up to the 2 outside pods. Regular Brake in the middle pod.
* Replaced stock headlight bulb with Osram/Sylvania SilverStar H4 ST
** UPDATE: (High beam burned out after 1500 Miles. Replaced it with stock bulb for now)
* Rear fender "reduction" & re-installed stock reflectors just behind turn signals.
* Relocated rear reflector above license plate light and turned the plate bracket upside down to raise the plate up.
* Removed baffles and added crome end caps to exhaust. (Plumbing Parts)
** UPDATE: Took off exhaust mod parts and re-installed baffles. Sound was to annoying! Glad I kept them.
* Painted tie downs gloss black.
* Removed some of the flames.
* Replaced front amber relectors with Optronics (MC-36AS) reflector/lights & wired them into the License plate bulb circuit.
* Added Highway Blaster Horn (Low) tone, in conjunction with the stock horn

Mod Todo List:
- Pirelli Sport Demons. (Stockers are good for now)
- Working on homemade rack.
- Larger Windscreen
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Last Updated August 7, 2011