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Rider Profile: LazyLion (Regular)

Rider Profile: LazyLion (Regular)
Real Name:   Jon Cree
Age:   58
Motorcycle(s):   '98 EX250 (sold)
2K5 FLHTI, 2K7 XB12STT (both sold)
2011 FLTRU (sold)
Riding Since:   2004
Location:   Marathon, N.Y.
Occupation:   Retired!
Cool Link:  
Rode an old '71 Honda CB350K3 back in '81 for the summer. Never did get back to it. Finally gave the bike to a friend because I knew he would use it. Got bit by the bug the summer of '04 and 1) took the MSF BRC, 2) bought this bike less than a week later and 3) recieved my papers from MSF/MANYS in the mail a week later to become fully licensed. Love the bike just fine stock.

Bought a 2005 Harley Electra Glide (FLHTI) in the sping of, well, 2005. Lost the Ninja to my wife.

My wife bought a new Sportster in the spring of 2006. It fits her riding style better. I get the Ninja back! I can now choose between the Ninja and the Electra Glide.

Sold the Ninja in November of 2006 to a returning rider. Good luck and have fun Old_Lion.

In 2008 I added an Buell Super TT (XB12STT). More bike than I need. Just to quick all around. In the fall of 2011 I traded both the FLHTI and the XB12STT in for a 2011 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Ulrta (FLTRU). So I sort of got my 250 back! I traded a 1450cc bike for a 1690cc bike, 240cc increase.
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Last Updated May 22, 2016