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Rider Profile: KnightWhoSaysNi (Regular)

Rider Profile: KnightWhoSaysNi (Regular)
Real Name:   Tim
Age:   39
Motorcycle(s):   2003 EX250
Riding Since:   December '04
Location:   Atlanta, GA
Occupation:   Trucker
Cool Link:  
17k and counting..

I still love to ride but it's not as all-consuming as it used to be. I've got a young daughter that has to go places and a lot more adult things to do than I did 8 years ago, so I've had to do things like clean carbs and stabilize fuel that I never had to do before.

All that said, I still enjoy my EX250. Every time I think of getting a newer, bigger bike, I realize that my bike does everything I need a motorcycle to do- and it's paid for.

I'm still riding in most of the first set of motorcycle gear I ever bought- although family life has shrunk them somehow...
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Last Updated July 8, 2013