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Rider Profile: Ionized (Rookie)

Rider Profile: Ionized (Rookie)
Real Name:   Robert Lewis
Age:   39
Motorcycle(s):   2004 Ninja 250, Yellow
Riding Since:   1998
Location:   Kentwood, Michigan
Occupation:   ex-physicist, unemployed
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Had a Ninja 250 about ten years ago (in 1998). Don't know why I ever sold it. In June of 08 I picked up a nice 2004 yellow.

This is how I got into biking ten or so years ago:
The owner of the car stereo shop I worked at decided to close the shop and work full-time on his bike business: Fast Bikes USA in Wyoming, Mi. I am pretty sure the business is still going, he does porting/polishing and other engine work on street and race bikes. He got me into biking by giving me my first ride ever on a motorcycle: his modified Honda CBR900 with 157bhp (he has a dyno.)

I still vividly remember that first ever ride: he tells me to hold on tight, he works up to 80mph quite fast and I yell "holy crap that is awesome" he yells back to hold on to him no matter what. At 80mph, he blips and we pull into a wheelie. And he continues accelerating. By the time he sets the front tire down it had stopped spinning, so that when it landed a big puff of smoke comes out like when an airplane lands. Once stable I look around him and we are doing well over 130mph.

I never rode on the back with him again (not that I didn't trust him, I would have gladly put my life in his hands again as he was an accomplished rider,) but it inspired me so much that within 2 weeks we had tracked down and I purchased an 89 (I think) Ninja 250. My boss gave it the first ride, and I see him in the parking lot clutching it into a wheelie. He pulls up when done with a big smile on his face and says "hey this thing has more power than I thought it would!"

Now, I may have gotten started hanging around racers and power-squids (the term I give to those in full-gear that still ride crazy on the street,) but I ride normally! I have never tried to clutch a wheelie or anything like that, just don't see the point.

Anyhow, that's how I got started.
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Last Updated March 25, 2009