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Rider Profile: Industrialfish (Regular)

Rider Profile: Industrialfish (Regular)
Real Name:   Matthew
Age:   36
Motorcycle(s):   2007 Black Kawasaki Ninja 250
Riding Since:   2000
Location:   Toledo, OH
Occupation:   CNC Machinist
Cool Link:  
What can I say? I'm now 32, I got my first bike at 19, a 1982 Yamaha XJ550 (Maxim). Saw it for sale on the side of the road and fell in love with it at first sight and bought it that day, never having been on a bike before. After 3 years a drunk driver took that one away, along with a few years of my life. Had a few bikes since then, all cruisers, never found one I really liked enough to commit to more then a few months on. Wasn't impressed with the EX250 in the pictures, but when I saw one in the showroom, I had to have one. Paid in full, cash for my 2007 :D Would have rather had a Candy Plasma Blue one, but I like my Black one just fine.

Removed Flame Decals
Rear Fender Eliminated
Gloss Black painted swingarm (stupid leaking battery acid)
Enamel Gloss Black valve cover (2003 engine)

TBR Pipes (with DIY silencers)
ZX600A shock - painted Bright Red :)
BT45's front/rear
Shimmed cush drive (Tupperware lid)

Hex head fairing bolts, Gloss Black
Targa Bra
KIA front signals
Integrated rear signals
Shaved grab bar
Axio Hard Tail Bag

Spun a #1 con-rod bearing at ~9600 miles.

Bought a 790 mile 2003 engine and am back in the game, thanks to the archived advice of this board.
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Last Updated December 10, 2012