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Rider Profile: FerventPiranha (Lurker)

Rider Profile: FerventPiranha (Lurker)
Real Name:   Jake
Age:   31
Motorcycle(s):   2006 Ninja 250
Riding Since:   09/11
Location:   Reisterstown, MD
Occupation:   driver operations manager
Cool Link:  
Yamaha RD250LC/RD350LC headlight
eBay LED front & rear turn signals
DRL relays, including lamp in headlight
Saylor Specialties rear fender remover
Galfer stainless steel brake lines
tailight rewired for LEDs
LEDs wired in extra pods
FIAMM AM80 low-tone horn swap
EX500 adjustable levers
HVMP 17oz barends
eBay bar-mounted mirrors (not barends)
new grips
new tank (old was rusted through)
new petcock (was destroyed & leaky)
new sidestand (broken from PO drop)
new shift pedal (bent beyond repair from PO drop)
new shift linkage (bent beyond repair from PO drop)
new left bar (bent beyond repair from garage drop)
poorly removed decals

To be installed:
replace half-broken brake pedal
ZX600 rear shock (sitting in car's trunk)
Race Tech GVEs (eventually)
new fork springs (eventually)
new fork oil front & back (eventually)
new tires (eventually)
add a clock (eventually)
add a voltmeter (eventually)
add driving/fog lights (eventually)

Riding gear:
HJC IS-16 Helmet
FirstGear Kilimanjaro 5.0 Jacket
FirstGear Mesh-Tex 2.0 Gloves
FirstGear 2011 HT Overpants
Tour Master Response 2.0 Boots
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Last Updated May 9, 2012