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Rider Profile: E X Tufitti (Rookie)

Rider Profile: E X Tufitti (Rookie)
Real Name:   Jon
Motorcycle(s):   2005 EX250 blue/orange
1975 Honda CB550K
1978 Yamaha XS750 Standard
Riding Since:   2002
Location:   South Jersey/Philly
Cool Link:  
Maybe not the typical scenario on this list, if such a thing exists: I finally got into riding in my early 30's, 3 (now 8) years ago, on a 30-year-old Honda CB550. I had always been into old cars, so the "old bike" concept wasn't daunting, rather part of the appeal.

So after putting 15,000 miles in 3 years on the old Honda Four, I allowed my wandering curiosity to take over, zeroed in on the EX250, and snatched the right deal when it came along, hence the '05 sharing the garage now. Now I can catch up on some noodling on the Honda and have another ride in the meantime.

So yes, I've progressed forward in time, and down in displacement with my new commuter-toy. I've ridden it over 1,000 miles and so far, so good *. It feels like a proper addition in many ways.

Many thanks to this group for basically making this a no-brainer. I've ridden with other "vintage jap bike" folks in my area, and have a strong online Honda SOHC4 community, but have yet to fully explore my "squidly" side....


*i'm at 10K+ mi. a year later - it's a keeper...

**45K as of May 2010. Still my go-to transportation year-round...

(i've also since added a '78 XS750 Standard)

Philly/South Jersey folks:

PM me for local rides, events, NJMP, etc.....
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Last Updated May 18, 2010