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Rider Profile: Duke Dunsford (Expert)

Rider Profile: Duke Dunsford (Expert)
Real Name:   David 'Duke' Dunsford
Age:   123
Motorcycle(s):   1988 Ninja 250
1999 Ninja 250 (Rally Bike)
Riding Since:   1999
Location:   Nashville, TN
Occupation:   Kid Wrangler
Cool Link:  
1988 Ninja 250 with 2001 motor. Metzler Lazertecs, AFAM 15T, 15x45, RK chain, EX500 shock, PVC fork spring shims, Uni pods SS front brake line, Oury grips, ZX-6E right-side muffler fitted to Muzzy header, heated grips, PIAA driving light, headlight and driving light relayed directly to battery, volt meter/thermometer/clock, Rotella synth.

1999 Ninja 250 Rally Bike with 1993 frame. Gen. 3 HID driving light, motor prepped by G-Force, custom seat, custom windshield, 7-gallon fuel tank, GSXR1000 fully adjustable shock, RK chain, AFAM sprockets (44x15), GT501 tires, Concours bars/risers, Barnett cables lengthened 3" for risers, Uni pods, 108 mains, Givi top box, Oury grips, Autocom (on-board cell phone), XM, CB, relayed headlights, volt meter/thermometer/clock, Ron Firth Designed pulse width controller for Widder vest, Rotella synth. In 2005, this bike completed an IBA SS2000 (5/05), a SS5000 (7/05), and finished 59th in the 2005 Iron Butt Rally (8/05).

In my spare time I make tall windshields for the Ninja 250. More details are located in my home page.
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Last Updated April 6, 2011