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Rider Profile: Dragonfly (Lurker)

Rider Profile: Dragonfly (Lurker)
Real Name:   Akari
Motorcycle(s):   1986 ex-250
Riding Since:   2002
Location:   Seattle, WA
Occupation:   Student
Cool Link:  
Current Bikes:
A 1986 ex-250, mostly stock with all undamaged plastics (minus a few scratches). No really! Ok, so the front turn signal attach points had to be reinforced underneath, but they look undamaged! :D:D No windscreen though. Someday I'll find one and then it'll be complete!

A 1990 zr-550 moderately modified, and equipped for touring- giant windscreen, heavy side bags, rear luggage "crate", driving lights, LED lights & blinkers, modified timing, cushy suspension, & sprockets changed to more comfy freeway speed ones.
Coming soon for it: cushier heated seat, hardshell waterproof luggage, additional brake lights, and heated grips.
Also, though it's a far-in-the-future project, I'm planning on fitting it with either a larger capacity battery or an actual alternator, or something similar to make all the heated additions run smoothly without draining it's teeny tiny stock battery. I'll probably wait until I've more more in depth knowledge on electrical systems and such before attempting this project!

Project bike: a 1992 ex-250, currently partially reassembled and awaiting repair of brakes, new chain/sprockets, new battery, and new tires. Engine's been rebuilt, forks have been replaced with used ones that I rebuilt. All new seals, gaskets, and rubbery bits. New screws, bolts, and washers in most places. Tank's had rust removed, though no sealant has been applied, that stuff scares me!
Someday, the project bike will be safe, ridable, registered, and ready to sell in Western Washington (at least, that's my hope!). It's rattle-can blue and naked except for front fairings, though plastics are in good shape otherwise. I don't expect to regain what $ I put in to it, price will undoubtedly be low. It was just done for practice, experience, and fun and well worth every dollar and every minute spent on it!

Coming soon: a Yamaha tw200, so my friends can sleep peacefully knowing I'm not riding a sportsbike or touring bike on my favorite dirt roads! Probably not a new one, where's the fun if there's not something to fix?? Much as I long for a KRL250 or similar, I'm too danged short for anything taller than the TW.
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Last Updated March 12, 2010