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Rider Profile: CharlesH (Regular)

Rider Profile: CharlesH (Regular)
Real Name:   Charles Holzerland
Age:   35
Motorcycle(s):   2003 Ninja 250
2006 Concours
Riding Since:   8/30/2004
Location:   St. Michael, Minnesota (MN)
Occupation:   USPS Mail Carrier
Cool Link:
Bought bike 8/30/04 with 1042 miles on it from Brothers Motorsports in Brainerd MN. OTD price of $2425. Mileage as of 12/3/06, 12,960 miles. Temperature limits so far have been 23 degrees up to 103 degrees. Weather conditions I've riden in include snow falling(but not accumulated yet on ground), heavy rainfall, dense fog, sleet, thunder/lightning, high winds, and lastly blistering heat.


-Icon Mainframe Halo helmet yellow
-JR Revolution 3/4 length jacket blue
-Teknic lightning gloves black
-Ballistic 4.0 pants
-Oxtar Matrix boots
-Widder electric vest and electric gloves
-JR Alter ego jacket blue
-Tourmaster Winter Elite gloves

MODS: (in order)

-Removed all the aftermarket stickers
-Tourmaster magnetic tank bag (Small)
-Formotion gauges, Temp and Clock w/ Lumiglow face
-Duke's windshield
-Cortech saddlebags
-Shortened rear turn signals
-Cortech tailbag
-Cortech 21L magnetic tankbag (Large)
-15T sprocket
-Oury handgrips
-Throttlemeister bar ends (model: EX 500 heavy)
-JC Whitney helmet case
-Garmin GPS V
-RAM mount for GPS
-Radio Shack voltmeter
-7.2v R/C connections on accessory outlets to power GPS and voltmeter
-BT45's front and back
-Jeb Rack
-Genmar K108 risers
-Kimpex grip heaters
-FF50 fog and driving auxiliary lights on homemade brackets


-Permanently mounted voltmeter
-LED lights in tail light sides

-2006 Kawasaki Concours bought with .4 miles 4/1/06
Mileage as of 12/3/06, 6,860 miles

Last day riding in 2005
-140 mile ride to Mille Lacs Lake 11/12/05

First day riding in 2006
-50 mile ride around town 3/25/06
Last day in 2006
-Commute to work 11/24/06

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Last Updated September 5, 2007