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Rider Profile: BeemerMike (Lurker)

Rider Profile: BeemerMike (Lurker)
Real Name:   Mike
Age:   64
Motorcycle(s):   2007 Ninja 250R (Pilar's bike)
1995 BMW R1100RS, 1988 BMW K75S, 1975 BMW R90S, 1997 Ducati 916, 1995 Ducati 900SS CR (my bikes)
Riding Since:   1972
Location:   Houston (Clear Lake area), TX
Occupation:   Attorney/Engineer
Cool Link:  
We just bought the Ninja 250R in February 2009 for my wife (5 feet, 105 pounds) to ride (and learn to ride). Found it on Craigslist . . . about one year old since original purchase, with only 51 MILES on the clock (we think the guy scared himself learning to ride, and just parked it in his garage) and two years of Kawasaki GTPP left! We snapped it up. I'm still breaking it in (Thanks for the FAQ tips!) while Pilar learns to ride it. Will post pics later, but so far it looks to be a great little motorcycle.

Making a list . . .
1. Remove the flames (Yikes . . . what were they thinking?!). [Deflamed 7/18/09. Bike looks 1,000% better!]
2. The extra tail light/brake light bulbs.
3. Maybe a dark tint ZGDB.
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Last Updated August 22, 2009