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Rider Profile: Becky (Regular)

Rider Profile: Becky (Regular)
Real Name:  
Motorcycle(s):   10' Special Edition Ninja 250
13' Can-Am Spyder RT-S
Riding Since:   1992
Location:   Colorado Springs, Colorado
Occupation:   Air Force Veteran; Owner Custom Seat Creations; Engineer
Cool Link:  
On 7/23/09 an oncoming driver lost control of their car at 80 mph and hit me head-on while I was riding my Red, 08' Ninja 250. Airlifted to a hospital with the following:

1. compound fracture femur (left thigh): titanium rod installed
2. broken right forearm: titanium plate with screws installed
3. broken right wrist/hand
4. perforated spleen
5. left foot a scrambled mess

~ 2 years and 7 surgeries later, back on a bike and walking again. :)

12/4/14 ~ 5 years now since the accident and upgraded to a permanent walking prosthetic. Still have my own hardware, just additional that does the walking for me. Great walking improvement with it! Perk is lifetime handicap placard :) I sooo use the crap outta that! Fabulous docs can rebuild you!

Upgraded to a Spyder as pushing up the bike upright was just too painful. Now I can hop on the Spyder and go. Still have the 250 though :)
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Last Updated December 4, 2014