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Rider Profile: Banner (Dr Bruce)

Rider Profile: Banner (Dr Bruce)
Real Name:   Brent VanDyke
Age:   30
Motorcycle(s):   '08 Kawasaki Versys
SOLD: '07 EX250
Riding Since:   2004
Location:   Leon, KS
Occupation:   Data Storage Kingpin
Cool Link:  
Mods to SOLD ex250:

Duke Windshield (Thanks Duke!)
JT 15t front and 41t rear sprocket(KS has been scientifically proven to be flatter than a pancake)
KIA flush mount front turn signals
KIA turn signals in rear pods (I know, I'll probably get reamed on this one by the regulars here, but with my saddlebags on, you can barely see the stock lights, and shortening the stocks doesn't look like it helps enough)
Pending: Datel Voltmeter, dual power socket install


Scorpion Exo 400 Helmet
JR Ballistic 5.0 pants
Fieldsheer Blaster Pants
JR Alter Ego 2.0 Jacket
Icon Superduty Motorcycle Gloves
Columbia Ski gloves
Schlampa Balaclava
A variety of thermal undercloths (It's cold AND windy in KS)


Nelson-Rigg Deluxe Saddlebags (work great, and/but they're HUGE)
Nelson-Rigg Tote Bag RTB500
Rapid Transit Expandable Tank Bag
Icon Mini Tank Bag (which I rarely, if ever, use)
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Last Updated April 24, 2012