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Rider Profile: Asian Heat (Rookie)

Rider Profile: Asian Heat (Rookie)
Real Name:   Tina
Motorcycle(s):   2009 Kawasaki Ninja 250
2011 BMW F650gs
Riding Since:   May 2009
Location:   Vancouver, BC
Occupation:   Government
Cool Link:  
Greetings folks, I have been skulking this site since my husband and I picked up my baby ninja on Feb 7th, 2009, and I am very excited that there is so much valuable information here about my new passion. So much to learn, but good thing this site is AWESOME!

I chose my ninja because of my size. I'm 5'1" with a 27" inseam, so the ninja felt like the best fit for me (also, my family have been Kawasaki lovers for years... ski-doos, dirtbikes, etc, thus the soft spot in my heart for my ninja). My husband has three "ladies" on the side, all Suzuki's (550, 750 & 1250), so he is slowly coming around to my choice of my ninja. He chuckles, but then ... I have caught him giving her sideways glances a couple of times....

My husband has over 25+ years of riding experience and was all for my move from passenger and into the driver's seat. I took my MSA course in May 2009 and I LOVED IT! The riding school I went to was fantastic, very, very informative and fun, fun, fun! (If you're a new rider and reading my profile - TAKE A COURSE!!) Since the course in May 2009, I got my license and been loving it since! I know I have a long way to go, but I haven't stopped learning - can't wait to go on a track day next year!

I've been scouring the ads for two bikes: 1. a second 250 for the track (don't want to trash up my current one) and 2. a third bike as my "big girl" bike (I've got my eye on a Monster 696 or Street Triple - yummy!)

Wow... I never imagined that riding would be so addictive with so many fun accessories!!! (mmm.... boots.... )

**Update** I have been working up North for a couple of years and haven't ridden as much as I would have like to when home. THAT has got to change!!
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